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Artist Irving Amen was one of the most versatile American artists of any era, creating woodcuts, linocuts, oil paintings, etchings, engravings, lithographs, sculpture, and stained glass. Winning a scholarship to the Pratt Institute at age 14, he was regarded as a prodigy artist. Irving Amen exhibited at the Smithsonian shortly after his service in the Armed Forces in WW II.

Amen blended several styles into his own, including Cubism, Abstract art, Expressionism, and Realism. Irving's Amen paintings, many on religious and family themes, have a precise delineation of structure and form, with sharp linear angles. Irving Amen's lithographs, covering an array of subjects, mirror his paintings with a wide color palette that always retains harmonious tonality. Display new pieces of art in your personal collection by looking through intricately fashioned lithographs for sale in online galleries.
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