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Sold at Auction: Fernando C. Amorsolo

Alias:Fernando Amorsolo y CuetoFernando Cueto Amorsolo


Artist Fernando Amorsolo was born in Manila in 1892, and as a teenager, he began an apprenticeship with respected artist Fabian de la Rosa. Despite the artist's loss of his father and half-brother before he was 12, early Fernando Amorsolo paintings were hopeful and full of light. Amorsolo's artwork drew particular appreciation for his technique of backlighting. Though some critics dismissed the positive outlook in his paintings as naive, Amorsolo wanted to show that good still existed in the world.

Fernando Amorsolo's paintings for sale depict the rural areas and people of the Philippines. In 1939, artist Fernando Amorsolo's oil painting Afternoon Meal of the Workers was exhibited at the New York World's Fair and won first prize. The artist was also commissioned to do oil paintings of all the sitting Philippine presidents during his career. Bring personality and light to your rooms by purchasing impressive portrait paintings online.
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