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Sold at Auction: Hjalmar Amundsen

Alias:J.J. Enwright


American artist Hjalmar Amundsen, born in New York City in 1911, became a well-known painter of harbor scenes on the East Coast. Having begun painting in his early twenties, oil painter Hjalmar Amundsen was very involved in the artistic community, and was even a founder of the Washington Square Outdoor Art Show, which featured artists like Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning. He also taught summer art classes en plein air to aspiring painters. 

Apart from painting, artist Hjalmar Amundsen was also a commercial fisherman which no doubt influenced his maritime pieces, some of which became cover art for the popular Motor Boating Magazine. For those searching for Hjalmar Amundsen maritime paintings for sale, it is worth noting that the artist also worked under several pseudonyms such as J.J. Enwright and A. Emerson. Collectors can search through many artists' rare oil paintings for sale at Invaluable to find their next perfect piece.
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