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Sold at Auction: Jirí Anderle

Alias:Jiří Anderle


Jirí Anderle (born 14 September 1936, in Pavlíkov, Rakovnicko) is a Czech painter and graphic artist. He was of assimilated German ethnic ancestry from paternal side.

In 1961 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (painting with Antonín Pelc and graphics with Vladimír Silovský). During 1969-73 he worked as an assistant at the UIA Zdenek Sklenár and Jirí Trnka.

In dozens of his works, Anderle expresses the human existential anxiety and general timelessness. Recently, his work has moved closer to abstraction.

Anderle has made nearly 100 solo exhibitions throughout the world and his work is represented in some 40 galleries and museums including the New York Metropolitan Museum and Paris's Pompidou Centre.
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