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Born in New Orleans, LA, in 1903, Walter Inglis Anderson attended NYC's Parsons Institute and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. A scholarship led him to the cave paintings of France, which greatly influenced his later art and woodblock prints. Walter Anderson supported his wife and four children by working for his brother at the family's Shearwater pottery in Ocean Springs, MS, but recurring mental illness issues led him to move into a cottage on his family's land.

Until his death in 1965, Walter Inglis Anderson spent months at a time living primitively in his cottage. The majority of Walter Anderson's paintings were created and abandoned during this period. Because of his bad housekeeping, his family managed to retrieve work he would have thrown away, providing Walter Anderson art for sale and assuring its survival. Invaluable offers rare lithographs in every genre, as well as Walter Anderson's prints, watercolors, and woodblock art.
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