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Sold at Auction: Karel Appel

Alias:Christiaan Karel AppelChristian Karel AppelKarel (1921) Appel


Karel Appel's art is known for its abstract figures in oil on canvas, resembling folk or children’s artwork at first glance. A deeper look at Karel Appel paintings for sale reveals his affinity with Miro and Klee. Appel was a founding member of the short-lived avant-garde Dutch movement called CoBrA (Copenhagen, Brussels, and Antwerp), which rejected intellectual aesthetics and symmetrical constructs.

Karel Appel's art consists of vibrant colors and bold expressions, normally of animals, people, or hybrid creatures with eccentric features that are portals of emotion. He also used intensely colored lithography in much of his work. Signed Karel Appel lithographs done in his lifetime are highly collectible.

Appel’s artwork hangs in MoMA, the National Gallery of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. You can also find other eclectic modern paintings for sale online at Invaluable.
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