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Alias:Armand Pierre FernandezFernandez Arman


Artist Arman (1928-2005) was a painter and sculptor who, while influenced by Dadaism, formed a new school called Nouveau Realisme, stripping conceptual aesthetics from abstract art and rendering the form into a celebration of an object's intrinsic value. Many Arman paintings consist of musical chromatic and monochromatic compositions, as well as depictions of objects, like violins, in their tonal and linear totality.

Artist Arman sculpted musical instruments and other subjects as multipiece displays staged as one collective work. Arman's sculptures also consist of poubelles, discarded trash displayed in vitrines or suspended in resin. He created many lithographs and silkscreens of his work as well.

Arman's artwork is displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate, and the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. His signed abstract silkscreens are a favorite in many prestigious galleries. Browse Invaluable to find other exceptional silkscreen prints for sale.
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