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Sold at Auction: Antony Armstrong-Jones

Alias:Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-JonesAntony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones


As an artist, Antony Armstrong-Jones captured images of royalty, actors, and exotic locations, taking photographs with a journalistic eye. Although he started as a photographic intern, he had the advantage of growing up in high society, and so was able to easily get photos for magazines. He began taking photos of theater productions and then of the British royal family. Antony Armstrong-Jones' photography of the royals led him to Princess Margaret, and the two married in 1960, making Armstrong-Jones the new Earl of Snowdon.

Antony Armstrong-Jones's art was for sale to publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair, and he took a great interest in his subjects, whether they were famous actors or disadvantaged children. As an artist, Antony Armstrong-Jones saw this relationship with his subjects as more important than even the craft of photography. Collectors can easily find outstanding photography for sale at auction at Invaluable with subjects of all types.
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