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Born in Vienna in 1879, landscape artist Alois Arnegger enrolled at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. He studied under the tutelage of respected landscape painter Robert Russ and August Eisenmenger, who was known for his historical paintings. Arnegger drew inspiration from the Romanticism movement and the Barbizon School, which pioneered the Naturalist aspect in landscape painting. In the early 1920s, artist and painter Alois Arnegger traveled to Italy where he became captivated by the picturesque coastline and quaint villas of the area. In addition to Arnegger's landscape paintings for sale depicting resplendent views of his homeland of Austria, he painted dynamic landscapes of the Gulf of Naples. In 2007, Villas On The Amalfi Coast sold for over $9,000. Add some spice to your home and bask in the lush colors of the Mediterranean by purchasing regional landscape paintings.
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