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Artist Kenojuak Ashevak was born in 1927 on Canada's Baffin Island at an Inuit camp called Ikirisaq. Her unique and celebrated artwork was shaped by her formative years living off the land, hunting, fishing, and making her own weapons, clothes, and igloos. These cultural experiences can be seen in Kenojuak Ashevak animal drawings for sale, and in her portrayals of Inuit people and their traditions. Her work was an important stepping stone in promoting Inuit art and gaining international recognition for her people and their way of life.

Initially focusing on stone sculptures and sealskin appliqués, artist Kenojuak Ashevak later became very interested in drawing. Her pieces were normally created spontaneously without preliminary sketches, and illustrator Kenojuak Ashevak used the static images in her drawings to focus on texture and color. Embrace the beauty nature has to offer with many artists' display of contemporary animal drawings available at Invaluable.
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