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Artist Angelo Asti, although considered one of the Parisian artists, was in fact born in Italy in 1847. Asti was inspired while visiting the Louvre and other famous galleries. Unfortunately, there is little known about the painter Angelo Asti, yet his portraits are recognized around the world. Colette, the subject of the very first Brown & Bigelow Pretty Girl calendar published in 1904, sold more than 1.5 million copies, shooting Asti to fame.

Artist Angelo Asti's lithography art is also found on adverts for Le Houblon cigarette papers, a famous historical brand. Collectible Angelo Asti portrait paintings are sought after, and Nue a la libellule sold at Christie's New York in 2003 for over $9,500. Explore the appeal of purchasing fine portrait paintings that show the interesting faces of the past.
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