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John James Audubon Art for Sale at Auction

Bird painter, Painter, Animal painter, b. 1785 - d. 1851

Born in Haiti in 1785, artist John James Audubon was raised in France, a place where his interest in nature began. Sent to America in 1803, his love of birds and his artistic talent coalesced. Known worldwide for his association with bird conservation, artist John James Audubon created lifelike drawings of birds using a true-to-life color palette. One of his favorite pastimes was hunting, but as a naturalist he was concerned with conservation, especially the increased destruction of bird habitats.

Eventually, he created Birds of America, a book containing 435 of John James Audubon's paintings compiled into prints. The prints depicted each of North America's known bird varieties at the time. The value of John James Audubon prints extend beyond market price, and his paintings and drawings continue to set the standard for avian artwork. Whether you like furry or feathered wildlife, search other dazzling animal prints online at Invaluable.

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