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Sold at Auction: Meir Axelrod

Alias:Meer AxelrodMeer Moiseevich AkselrodMeyer Akselrod


Meer Moiseevich Akselrod, also Meyer Axelrod (1902–1970) (Russified form of the first name Mark) was a Belarusian painter best known for his watercolor paintings of Jewish life in the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. Akselrod was born in Maladzyechna, a small Jewish town in Belarus. As a child, he survived a pogrom and moved to Russia during World War I. In the 1920s, he studied and then taught at the VKhUTEMAS School of Art. His work was barely known outside the former Soviet Union until his daughter, Elena Akselrod, published her father's biography and a representative collection of his works in Israel in 1993.
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