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Born in Casablanca, Morocco in 1949, artist Guillaume Azoulay is known for his colorful and vibrant works depicting figures and animals. At an early age, Azoulay moved to Paris, and it was there that he began selling his artwork on the streets at 13 years old. One year later, young painter Guillaume Azoulay hitchhiked across Europe and the Middle East in order to learn about and gain inspiration from the many places and people in the world, an experience which profoundly impacted his work.

Artist Guillaume Azoulay's pieces are celebrated for their attention to line, often presenting many delicately intertwined lines or one unbroken line to create fluidity and motion. Azoulay's animal paintings for sale use these lines to convey movement and depth, and it's this unique style that has led to Azoulay's international popularity. Explore the world and its creatures by discovering collectible animal paintings at auctions worldwide.
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