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A. E. (Bean) Backus was born in 1906 in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Although he moved to New York briefly to study at the Parsons School of Design and Art, Backus returned to Ft. Pierce where he lived and worked until his death in 1990. During that time, he worked to depict his home state's natural beauty. Albert Ernest Bean Backus' paintings showcase his keen ability to capture light and his extensive knowledge of Florida's plant and animal life. Today, the largest collection of Albert Ernest Bean Backus' prints can be found in the eponymous gallery just two blocks from his old home. 

Albert Ernest Bean Backus' paintings feature thick strokes of saturated hues. Although his style was emulated by other Floridian painters, genuine Albert Ernest Bean Backus paintings' prices continue to rise. Buy lush landscape paintings for sale at Invaluable to add a touch of the exceptional to your home.
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