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Francis Bacon's artwork began almost as a whim. Bacon was born in Dublin in 1909, and left home at the age of 16, traveling to London, Berlin, and Paris, where he attended an exhibition by Picasso, which inspired him to try his own hand at art. He worked for several years as a furniture designer before creating his first exhibited work, a painting called Crucifixion. After World War II, he became known for his Surrealism paintings depicting the trauma and violence experienced by society. Francis Bacon's prints were haunting, the landscapes seeming to scream in horror.

As his international reputation grew, Francis Bacon's original artwork for sale became available throughout the world and reproduced as lithographs. In the 1950s, Francis Bacon's artwork shifted as he began to add more color to his works; a style that would last until the 1980s. Look for collectible lithographs at Invaluable and find your next favorite piece of art.
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