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A charming mystery surrounds the maritime paintings by artist and painter T. Bailey. London-born salesman Morris Hambro immigrated to America in 1865.  Around 1910, Hambro bought unsigned paintings from unsuspecting artists and sold them throughout New England, gaining a substantial profit. It's unknown who all the exact T. Baily artists are, but it's speculated that among the original painters are Max Berman, Sears Thompson, Mae Bennet Brown, Vivian Forsythe Porter, Melbourne C. Hardwick, William Frederick Paskell, and J. G. Cloudman.

Hambro bought the paintings for $15 to $20, affixed the T. Bailey signature, and sold them for up to $50 a piece, which is worth around $1,300 in the 2018 market. At the time, a gallery in Boston allegedly purchased the paintings in bulk. T. Bailey maritime paintings for sale include vintage sailing ships, seascapes, and clipper ships in all their glory. Decorate your home or office in a nautical theme and find vintage maritime paintings online at Invaluable.
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