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George Herbert Baker was an American landscape oil painter and pastel artist—a gifted colorist in the impressionistic manner. Baker worked mainly in the Richmond, Indiana region where he belonged to the “Richmond Group” of painters. At one time in his career he worked in Brown County, Indiana and was associated with a group of artists in that area. Baker studied with John Elwood Bundy, Dean of the Richmond Group, at the Cincinnati Art Academy. Baker also studied at the Boothbay Art School. In 1925 he taught for two semesters as a visiting instructor at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Richmond, Indiana is the center of where are most of his works may be seen -- in the Richmond Art Museum, Earlham College, and at the Indiana Centerville Library. In 2001 the Richmond Art Museum held a retrospective exhibition of his paintings – said to be the largest exhibition of his works ever displayed together.
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