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In 1838, some of Ferdinand Barbedienne's sculptures were released to the world when he started a business with inventor and engraver, Achille Collas. This partnership became one of the most important artistic endeavors of the 19th century. Using Collas' invention for reducing sculptures, Ferdinand Barbedienne's bronze miniatures of famous Greek and Roman antique statues were made more accessible to the general public.

The production of Ferdinand Barbedienne's sculptures was recognized when both he and his firm won awards in numerous exhibitions, including the Great Medal of Honor at the 1855 World Fair. His reputation for expertise continued to grow throughout his lifetime, and prices of F. Barbedienne's artwork reflected this approbation. After his death in 1892, his nephew, Gustave Leblanc, maintained the foundry's high standards, purchasing production rights from sculptors such as Auguste Rodin. Create your own collection by browsing the unique bronze sculptures for sale online and at auction.
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