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Lionel Barrymore's drawings are perhaps not very well known, as he is more famous for his acting and scriptwriting work, however, while working on films in the early 20th century, Barrymore did produce many etchings and paintings. Lionel Barrymore's paintings were predominantly detailed seascapes, and he had a particular knack for portraying rough seas. When he was a child in Philadelphia, he always wanted to be a painter but fell into the family's footsteps of becoming an actor.

Lionel Barrymore's drawings were inspired by his tutors Ferdinand Kamps and William Eskey, who he spent a lot of time learning from in California. He was a member of the Society of American Etchers in the 1940s. Lionel Barrymore's art for sale includes some of his seascape etchings, oil paintings, and woodcut prints. Bring beautiful pieces into your home by discovering other enticing seascape prints for sale online at Invaluable.
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