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Sold at Auction: Francesco Bartolozzi

Alias: Bartoloneii
Engravercopperplate engraver


Artist Francesco Bartolozzi's works are an outstanding example of Italian masterclass engraving. Born the son of a goldsmith in 1727, he studied painting and engraving in Italy, studying under famed engraver Joseph Wagner. He was one of the only engravers to be a founding member of the Royal Academy of Arts, and held the post of official engraver for King George III. Artist Francesco Bartolozzi eventually moved to Lisbon in 1802 to become director of the National Academy.

Francesco Bartolozzi's prints and his other work are typical of the stipple engraving style, which he popularized. Francesco Bartolozzi's artwork for sale exhibits this style. It imitates the look of chalk drawing, creating detailed, delicately engraved pictures, particularly reminiscent of popular Baroque and Renaissance artists. Find other rare genre prints online and at auction from talented artists.
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