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Sold at Auction: Gustave Baumann

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German artist Gustave Baumann (b.1881) immigrated to the United States in 1891 and lived in Chicago. After his father left in 1896, he took on the responsibility of caring for his family. He sold his drawings to make money, and eventually he became an apprentice at the Franklin Engraving Company. Artist Gustave Baumann did all of his own carving, ink mixtures, printing, and careful selection of handmade paper to print on.

Gustave Baumann artwork for sale includes intricate woodcut prints that all have his signature seal, a hand over a heart. In 1915, his color woodcuts won the gold medal for prints at the Panama Pacific International Exposition. Woodblock carvings of the landscapes of Chicago and Santa Fe, where he moved in 1919, are popular Gustave Baumann prints. Discover other incredible landscape prints for sale at auction to bring a touch of the exotic to your living room.
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