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Trained by master craftsmen in Germany and Austria, Gustav Becker was meticulous with his designs and ensuring the quality of his clocks. Though he was a talented clockmaker and designer, it wasn’t until he won the gold medal for design at the Silesia Trade Exposition in 1852 that he started to attract the highly skilled artisans he needed for large-scale production. Gustav Becker wall clocks are primarily Vienna style with weight-powered regulators. Later in his career, Becker designed clocks using the newer spring-driven mechanisms, which allowed him to expand to wrist watches and anniversary clocks

Gustav Becker antique clocks increase in value as their quality, durability, and craftsmanship stand the test of time. Gustav Becker wall clocks can be easily distinguished as his initials are engraved on the weights and each clock displays a serial number. Find other artisanal wall clocks for sale online to add to your antique collection.
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