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Born in 1840, Italian artist Francesco Beda was known for placing items in his painted scenes that were chronologically incorrect. This was known as an anachronistic form of painting, appealing to some collectors. After studying under Austrian fresco painter Karl Von Blaas, Beda began doing genre, historical, and portrait painting. Francisco Beda's paintings include portraits of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and Bishop Strossmayer of Zagreb; Beda's skillful artwork was very popular with the Austrian Court and other wealthy buyers.

Catering to collectors was the main goal for the creation of Francesco Beda paintings. He painted what would sell, and became wealthy through his many commissioned works. Later in his career, he began to paint scenes of the Middle East, and much of Francesco Beda’s art for sale at that time was inspired by Ernest Meissonier. Purchase an interesting painting in your favorite artistic style by viewing remarkable fine art online at Invaluable.
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