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Sold at Auction: Xu Beihong

Alias:Pei-hung Hsü Ju PeonBeihong XuBei Hong Xu


Artist Xu Beihong was best-known for reintroducing figural painting into Chinese art. He also wanted to incorporate Western art into Chinese art, without losing the beautiful traditional methods that were part of the culture. Xu Beihong's paintings took on a more realist approach after he studied Western-style painting upon returning from Shanghai in 1912. In 1919, he received a scholarship to study in France, and during 1926 he held a successful one-man exhibition in Shanghai.

Historical scenes, portraits, and wildlife are among the subjects of artist Xu Beihong's art for sale. The majority of these paintings were done in Western media or Chinese ink-and-wash methods, and the latter, particularity those of horses, received international acclaim. You can purchase Chinese paintings for sale online and bring a piece of the Orient into your home.
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