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Emile Bellet's art is best-known for its saturated, lucid colors and his technique of painting the female form in long strokes using an impasto knife. Emile Bellet's paintings are often set against the colors of the setting or rising sun, and showcase his mastery of silhouette and shadow. There are no faces on the women he paints as he wants the figures to represent all women. His works emit thoughtfulness and serenity.

Emile Bellet's art is inspired by women he admires, such as his wife and daughter, and everyday scenery in the villages of France. He preferred to paint outside in the plein air style, and many of Emile Bellet's prints feature women looking out of windows onto quaint towns or walking in gardens among flowers. You can browse other picturesque figural prints for sale online at Invaluable to add to your growing gallery.
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