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Contemporary artist Benedicto R. Cabrera was born in Manila in 1942 and is considered one of the Philippines' most prolific artists. He later created the alias BenCab to separate him from other artists with the Cabrera name. BenCab's paintings were primarily oil and acrylic pieces that depicted women; he also created an iconic Filipino imaginary figure named Sabel. This character was a symbol for the suffering of the destitute populations of the Philippines, and BenCab's artworks often reflected his humanitarian concerns for his country.

As an illustrator for The Sunday Times Magazine in 1965, BenCab's prints were brought into mainstream culture. Being Filipino, a book of images of Philippine society, published in 1981, contains 13 of BenCab's prints. He was recognized by the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 1992, receiving their Award for Arts. Browse other expressive portrait prints for sale online at Invaluable to bring into your home.
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