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Sold at Auction: Tony Bennett

Alias:Anthony Benedetto


When you hear the name Tony Bennett, your mind will no doubt jump to his recording career. However, Bennett, who paints under his real name, Anthony Benedetto, is also an award-winning artist. He began drawing in Astoria, Queens as a child, and fit in lessons to perfect his skills during his long musical career. Tony Bennett paintings include one commissioned for the 2001 Kentucky Derby and two commissioned for the United Nations' 50th anniversary.

The subjects of Tony Bennett's artwork have a wide range, including views from tour hotel windows, homages to other painters like David Hockney, and attractions like New York's Central Park. The Smithsonian Collections house three of his artwork pieces. Tony Bennett's paintings and drawings are featured in many art publications, including ARTNews. Tony Bennett prints include both lithographs and giclee prints. You can discover many fine examples of both giclee works and lithographs for sale online at Invaluable.
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