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Sold at Auction: Franz Bergman

Alias:Franz (1901) BergmannNam Greb


Austrian artist Franz Bergman, born in the 19th century, is well known for the many sculptures produced at his foundry in Vienna. The inherited bronze factory was originally opened by his father, but Bergman had such success with his work that he was able to open a second one later in life. Despite the fact that he is often referred to as a sculptor, Franz Bergman was actually a designer who hired other sculptors to carry out his ideas. Artist Franz Bergman had his designs made in bronze and cold painted with many layers of vivid colors. The majority of Franz Bergman's figural sculptures for sale feature Arab subjects, animals, mythological creatures, and figures in erotic positions, the latter of which was produced under the pseudonym Nam Greb to avoid punishment by law. Explore a diverse collection of rare bronze sculptures for sale at Invaluable.
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