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Sold at Auction: Mary Bertrand

Alias:Mary Vincent Bertrand


Born in Louisiana in 1955, Impressionist artist Mary Bertrand has brought the bayous and tangled swamps of her home state to life through half a century of calm, somber paintings. Natural imagery of mossy oaks and cypresses towering above the marshes or vibrant wildflowers growing along the banks, as well as other wildlife scenes, are popular subjects in Mary Bertrand paintings that are for sale. Her output also depicts rustic cabins and boaters on the bayous.

Artist Mary Bertrand studied under respected watercolorists Edgar Whitney and Robert E. Wood. Later in her career she would create her own signature foggy technique, and thus paintings and prints by Mary Bertrand often give viewers the experience of traveling through bayou waterways on a misty morning. Take a trip through America by browsing stunning landscape paintings for sale online to add to your growing gallery.
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