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Sold at Auction: Kevin Best

Alias:Kevin John Best


Born in Australia in 1932, artist Kevin Best was known for his landscape paintings. Many of his pieces featured the Australian bush country and are often identified by their use of light to depict times of early morning or bright afternoon sunshine. A self-taught artist, Kevin Best spent most of his adult life working as a stockbroker, and was finally able to devote himself wholly to his art in the 1970s.

Kevin Best’s prints were featured on many commercial items, including calendars and gift tins, and Best is the author of two books on painting. In 2005, he was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for his contribution to the arts. Kevin Best’s paintings value and celebrate the Australian landscape and bring to life the beauty and mystery of the land Down Under. Collectors can find vintage landscape paintings for sale at auction and online when looking for their next art piece.
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