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b. 1947 -

Born in England in 1947, artist John Bampfield demonstrated a gift for art early on, but was unable to continue on to formal training at a recognized art school. It would be years before the painter John Bampfield would emerge. A move to London and then Cornwall in the mid-60s put Bampfield in the midst of a growing art community, and his talent took hold. The natural surroundings of Cornwall's wave-crashed shores inspired his work, aided by nationally known mentors like Ted Dyer and Ben Maile. With depictions of London's Houses of Parliament and Thames riverside scenes, artist John Bampfield developed his skills, eventually capturing Cornwall's harbors, streets, and fishing boats. Keen on the unique light of his new home, the oil painter has moved his style to an interesting version of Impressionism, and John Bampfield maritime paintings for sale continue to appreciate in value. Stroll the world's shores by viewing collectible maritime painting online at Invaluable.

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