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Artist Charles Billich is a master of sports art and cityscapes. He moved from his birthplace in Croatia to Australia in 1956. Charles Billich paintings were inspired by Sydney’s landscapes and cityscapes, and they reflect his love of history and myth; many of his Impressionist pieces follow those themes. Later, Charles Billich's paintings included sports portraiture and event scenes, and in 2000 he won the Sports Artist of the Year Award.

Charles Billich prints include his painting Beijing Cityscape, which was selected by the Bejing Olympic Committee as the official image to use in their bid to get the 2008 Olympic Games brought to China. Art prices for Charles Billich works can vary depending on whether they are originals, prints, or lithographs. Browse Invaluable for other intriguing figural paintings for sale at auction online to bring the human element into your collected artworks. 
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