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Born in 1912, Bermuda artist Alfred Birdsey began his artistic career at age 16, teaching himself to paint as he worked. He is known for bright watercolor scenes of his island home, specifically, the landscapes of Hamilton and St. George's. Sailboats, bays, and coastal homes, done in Modern-Impressionist style, are all subjects of Alfred Birdsey paintings.

He was, in some ways, simplistic in method, frequently hanging his paintings on the clothesline outside his studio in Bermuda when they were completed. Artist Alfred Birdsey created art to promote America's Cup when it sailed from Rhode Island to Bermuda. The value of Alfred Birdsey prints varies by size, age, wear, and occasionally framing. Select sensational landscape paintings for sale through online vendors to bring your ideal harbor town or country scene into your mind's eye every time you look at them.
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