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Sold at Auction: Al Black

Alias:Al Blood Black


A self-taught artist and one of Florida's Highwaymen, Al Blood Black spent a lot of time in prison, where he was asked to paint murals on the walls of the facility where he lived. Al Black's prints depicted beautiful Florida landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets. Other characteristics of Al Black's prints included the presence of three seabirds in his coastal paintings, representing the Holy Trinity. Al Black's art paintings were sold not only in galleries, but more commonly out of his car to passing motorists, which is a common sight for Highwaymen artists. In the beginning, Al Black's artwork paintings were produced on upson board with oil and crown molding frames. Black also used acrylic and canvas in his work. To experience the beauty of owning similarly remarkable pieces of art, browse stunning landscape paintings at Invaluable.
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