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Charles Raymond Blackman Sold at Auction Prices

Painter, b. 1928 - d. 2018

Self-taught artist Charles Blackman is lauded as one of Australia's most acclaimed figurative painters. Blackman landed his first job as an illustrator at the young age of 13, which was the start of a more than 60-year career as an artist. Later in life, he experienced the story of Alice in Wonderland only through sound rather than reading the tale, and his works that came from this are arguably his best-known pieces. They encompass a collection of impactful paintings that draw from the famous novel, mixed with Blackman's own experiences.

Many of Charles Blackman prints and paintings express his sympathetic side, illustrating his feelings of care and passion, specifically toward children and females, in hypnagogic-like scenes. As an artist, Charles Blackman has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Helena Rubenstein scholarship. Find lithograph prints for sale at auction or online and round out your art collection.

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