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Sold at Auction: Archie Blackowl

Alias: Flying Hawk Mis To Moo To Va


Archie Blackowl was a Cheyenne painter from Oklahoma who played a pivotal role in mid-20th century Native American art. "Leave a mark. Put something down so that when the young people see it they will understand." –Archie Blackowl, July, 1975

Archie Blackowl was born in Custer County, Oklahoma, on November 23, 1911.[2] Indigenous artists, such as Blackowl, grew up being sensitive to nature. Archie's culture made him sensitive to natural textures, which created a traditional Indian school of painting (much like the Kiowa art movement from Oklahoma). This included flat shaded native images and was an encouraged style in art competitions (Oklahoma 1946). For the public, it encompassed a "real Indian art" which Archie helped to contribute to. Though some scholars say this is the only legitimate art, it proved to be a unique piece of a large mosaic of art.
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