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Alias:Peter Thomas BlakeSir Peter Blake


Artist Peter Blake, a member of the Pop Art movement, is most famous for his work on The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) record cover. Featuring a variety of notable people and objects in a colorful collage, the cover gained status as an iconic artistic example of the 60s counterculture. Created as a collaborative effort with his wife, Jann Haworth, and art dealer Robert Fraser, it's a testament to his theory of art as an act that should bridge disciplines and be experienced in partnership with others.

Early paintings, such as On the Balcony (1955), had the semblance of a collage and included cultural references. Artist Peter Blake received British Knighthood in 2002 for contributions in the visual arts. Peter Blake's drawings and paintings express his continued interest in the Pop Art culture with recent works such as American Trilogy (2012) and 100 Sources of Pop Art (2014). Find diverse collectible and vintage serigraphs for sale online and at auction and fill that empty space on your wall.
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