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Sold at Auction: William (1757) Blake

Alias:William (1757) Blake
Paintercopperplate engraver


English artist William Blake (b.1757) trained under James Basire, and studied for a short time at the Royal Academy of London. William Blake's watercolor paintings, such as Angel of the Revelations (Book of Revelations Chapter 10), were his own interpretations of scenes from the Bible. His early critics mocked William Blake's paintings for sale, believing that he was insane because he claimed he had visions and could speak to angels.

William Blake's art prints were revered for the unique use of mixed medium; he would first do a watercolor painting and then pen and ink were used, or vice versa. Although he is best-known for his poetry, William Blake's watercolor paintings became popular after his death and are even displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Browse sensational religious paintings online at Invaluable and purchase one that speaks to your spiritual side.
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