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Antoine Blanchard's prints mostly depict the streets and landmarks of 19th century Paris. Blanchard studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and also traveled to Italy to master his talent. His method of using small brushstrokes creates a blurred effect, giving the impression of movement. Antoine Blanchard's oil paintings are rich in color and often seasonal, offering similar scenes at different times of the year, as in Boulevard de la Madeleine and Boulevard de la Madeleine, sous la Neige.

Some of Antoine Blanchard's art for sale is available at auction and includes Le Chatelet and Winter in Paris, Notre-Dame. Antoine Blanchard prints are highly sought after as many people enjoy his nostalgic scenes of the La Belle Epoque era. If you'd like to add similar scenic pieces to your collection, visit Invaluable online to browse exquisite cityscape paintings for sale.
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