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Sold at Auction: Henry John Boddington

Alias:Henry John Williams


Henry John Boddington was an English landscape painter during the Victorian era, and a member of the Williams family of painters. He was the second son of the painter Edward Williams (1781-1855) and Ann Hildebrandt (c.1780-1851), and a member of the Williams family of painters, who were related to such famous artists as James Ward, R.A. and George Morland. His father was a well-known landscape artist, who taught him how to paint; otherwise he received no formal instruction.His earliest pictures depicted the scenery of Surrey and the banks of the Thames. Work of his was first exhibited at the Royal Academy, London in 1837, and from 1839 onwards one or two of his pictures were exhibited there every year until his death and four years after it. He showed even more paintings at the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street. His name appears for the first time in the catalogue for 1837, and in 1842 became a member of the society (RBA), afterwards exhibiting there an average of ten pictures a year until his death. In 1843 he visited Devonshire, staying at Ashburton; in 1846 the English Lake District; and in 1847, for the first time, North Wales, which, especially the country around Betws-Y-Coed and Dolgelly, became his favourite working-ground. Boddington also painted in Scotland, Yorkshire, and other parts of England, but never travelled to the continent.
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