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Artist Virginia Fouche Bolton's work captures the memorable characters and picturesque scenery of her adopted home, Charleston, South Carolina. Born in Hartsville in 1929, Bolton moved to Charleston at the age of 14 and fell in love with the city. After receiving her art degree, Bolton began teaching art at local high schools in addition to painting professionally. Art aficionados could find Virginia Fouche Bolton's prints in the gallery that she and her husband opened in 1976.

As an artist, Virginia Fouche Bolton rendered her subjects, like the iconic flower ladies of Charleston, with gentle brushstrokes and attention to facial expressions. Her arresting body of work is notable for its ability to capture the warmth of Charleston's sunlight and its people. Since her passing in 2004, the value of Virginia Fouche Bolton's prints has been on the rise. Find captivating portrait prints online or at auction to energize your collection with faces from the past or present.
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