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Sold at Auction: Isidore Jules Bonheur

Alias:Isidore Bonheur


Artist Isidore-Jules Bonheur was a Frenchman born in 1827, and he's best-known for his bronze animal sculptures. Though he first stepped into the art world as a painter, he gained popularity when he discovered a new medium and began creating Isidore-Jules Bonheur sculptures. He was greatly influenced by his sister, Rosa, who was a successful animalier sculptor.

He was enchanted with cows and was particularly adept at perfectly capturing their anatomical correctness and visages, as can be seen when viewing Isidore-Jules Bonheur's artwork for sale. His talent with shaping animals extended beyond cattle to horses, dogs, sheep, gazelles, and lions, also taking on their mammalian countenances with perfection in his Isidore-Jules Bonheur sculptures. Later in his career, Isidore-Jules Bonheur added mounted jockeys to his equestrian models, and one of his most famous is Le Grand Jockey. View Invaluable's online marketplace for other outstanding animal sculptures for sale.
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