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b. 1944 -

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  • Tim Booth (b.1944) PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A
    May. 17, 2008

    Tim Booth (b.1944) PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A

    Est: €600 - €800

    Tim Booth (b.1944) PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG TREE signed on reverse acrylic on canvas 71 by 112cm., 28 by 44in. Exhibited: 'Tim Booth', Gallery Brown Thomas, Dublin, 14 April to 2 May 1970, catalogue no. 18 Literature: Bruce Arnold, 'Casual but not frivolous' (review), Irish Independent, 18 April 1970 Dublin-born artist Tim Booth exhibited works of a political nature, often in a pop art idiom, at the Living Art exhibition of the 1960s and '70s. He co-founded the band Dr Strangely Strange with fellow artist Tim Goulding, and later turned to animation and film-making. Bruce Arnold singled out this particular work in a review of the artist's first solo show: "A very striking head of the artist, with long hair and solemn expression, stares out from a canvas which has a flat, bleak industrial landscape superimposed over the face. Into the picture, upside down and tangled, as it were, into the artist's own hair, is a carefully drawn leafless tree. Inconsequential, you might say. Yes, it is. But in a precise and definite way, a carefully constructed piece of mockery - of self, and of certain images of the artist generally".

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