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Sold at Auction: Hendrik (1901) Bos

Alias:Henk (1901) Bos
PainterWater colorist


Hendrick Bos, better known as the artist Henk Bos, was a Dutch American painter born in 1901 who attained modern fame for his still life paintings in the style of the Old Masters. As opposed to many avant-garde artists popular at the time, Henk Bos paintings embraced a more traditional style of using rich colors to imbue tableaus of everyday objects, such as fruit, flowers, and tableware, with a raw beauty reminiscent of eras past.

Growing up in the small Dutch town of Huizen, this cobbler's son spent his free time studying the Old Masters and learning to paint in the style of that genre. In America, Henk Bos paintings were so well-respected that he earned the title of the new Rembrandt from Holland. Many have been reproduced as popular Henk Bos prints. Complete your collection of still life paintings for sale at auction or online
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