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Sold at Auction: Eugène Boudin

Alias:Eugène BoudinLouis-Eugène BoudinEugene Louis Boudin


Artist Eugene Boudin studied in Paris, and is most known for his seascapes that emphasized the beauty of natural light reflecting on the water. One of his first jobs was working in an art shop where Claude Monet displayed his paintings, and he would often give Boudin advice. Artist Eugene Boudin received his big break in 1888 after the French government purchased some of his paintings to place in the Luxembourg Gallery. He enjoyed painting while in nature, and Eugene Boudin's paintings often contained information on the weather, light, location, and time of day on the backs. Beach scenes with pale blue water and rolling waves were popular themes in Eugene Boudin's artwork. Take your own leisurely voyage by purchasing a mesmerizing seascape painting onlinto add nautical style to your gallery.
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