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Clive Bowen (born 1943 in Cardiff) is a Devon based potter whose work is included in a number of public collections.

Bowen studied painting and etching at Cardiff College of Art from 1960-64. He then became the apprentice of Michael Leach, at Yelland Pottery where he came to love the rich Fremington clay and earthenware of Fishley.[2] A further year at Brannam Pottery in Barnstaple allowed him to develop his throwing skills and to gain the ability to make large pots. Residing in North Devon allowed Bowen the opportunity to help fire pots at Wenford Bridge with Michael Cardew and to meet Svend Bayer who became a lifelong friend.

In 1971 Bowen purchased a small agricultural property at Shebbear in North Devon and established his pottery with large double-chambered woodfiring kilns. Bowen still uses local Fremington clay and is internationally known and respected for his powerful yet intimate pieces. Bowen exhibits widely in the UK throughout Europe, North America and Japan
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