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Sold at Auction: David Boyd

Alias:David Fielding Gough Boyd


Artist David Boyd was born in Australia in 1924, and he was a member of the Contemporary Art Society of Australia by the age of 18. The first exhibition of David Boyd's abstract paintings was held at Rowden White Library in the University of Melbourne in the early 40s.

Later, after marrying, Boyd began to experiment with pottery. Working with his wife, Boyd created new techniques for both glazing and using a pottery wheel to create figurines. Some of these pottery pieces are available among David Boyd art for sale online and at private auction. When he returned to Abstract-Impressionist painting in the 1950s, he created his Explorer Series. However, David Boyd's abstract paintings depicting the extinction of full-blooded Tasmanian Aboriginals are his best-known pieces. Consider purchasing other incredible artwork by viewing legendary abstract paintings online.
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