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Sold at Auction: Frank Brangwyn

Alias:Frank BrangwynFrank William Brangwyn


Born in 1867, polymath and artist, Frank Brangwyn finished a staggering number of works of art in his lifetime. Brangwyn apprenticed briefly with William Morris, with whom he shared multiple skills and talents. Believing that an artist should be able to "turn his hand to anything", painter Frank Brangwyn used a variety of media, including stained glass, ceramics, and furniture. Brangwyn was known for introducing experimental, pioneering ideas to the art world. Famous for his themed panels British Empire, Brangwyn was the first artist to have a Royal Academy exhibition in his lifetime. A fresh assessment of artist Frank Brangwyn's work in recent years has caused a revival of interest, with exhibitions in London, Paris and New York's Rockefeller Centre. Fortunately, Frank Brangwyn etching prints for sale have become available. Discover other art and etching prints for your collection at Invaluable.
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