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Sold at Auction: Georges Braque

Alias:George Braque


Though Georges Braque's artwork made him a prominent figure in the art society after he and Picasso created Cubism, he shied away from fame and preferred the solitude of his studio to attending parties. Georges Braque paintings depicted the tone and shape of his environment, and when times changed from war to peace, the colors of his palette lightened.

Toward the middle of his career, his eye for space led him to design ballet and theater costumes and sets. Later, Georges Braque paintings were mostly landscapes and seascapes, but his work always contained elements of the Cubism technique he was known for. Georges Braque's lithographs are highly prized by collectors, along with his paintings, etchings, and sculptures. Art enthusiasts can find fine examples of lithographs for sale online and at auction.
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